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Bilateral agreements on artificial intelligence security signed between Great Britain and the USA

The United States and the United Kingdom have signed an agreement on artificial intelligence, marking a historic first formal collaboration between the two countries on the testing and assessment of emerging AI models. This groundbreaking agreement represents the world’s first bilateral agreement focused on the safety of AI, as governments worldwide are increasingly seeking greater regulations to address the risks associated with new technologies.

Notably, the agreement will facilitate collaboration between the UK’s new AI Safety Institute (AISI) and its US counterpart, enabling the exchange of expertise through secondment of researchers from both countries. These institutes will work together to independently evaluate private AI models developed by companies like OpenAI and Google.

The signing of this agreement signifies a significant step towards enhancing global cooperation and understanding in the field of artificial intelligence. As concerns related to malicious cyber attacks and potential misuse of AI in creating biological weapons continue to grow, governments worldwide are looking for ways to ensure that these emerging technologies are used responsibly and safely.

By Samantha Jones

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