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Chinese Company’s Battery Material Factory Granted Environmental Permit in Hamina

The regional administrative agency of Southern Finland, Avi, has granted an environmental permit and permission to start operations to Hamina’s battery material factory. According to Avi, the factory meets the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act, Waste Act, and Nature Conservation Act. Production at the factory is set to begin in the coming years as announced by CNGR Finland.

The CEO of the company, Thorsten Lahrs, stated that obtaining an environmental permit was a significant milestone for them and crucial for establishing a key competence center for the battery industry in the region.

CNGR Finland is a joint venture established in May 2022 with 60% ownership from Chinese CNGR Advanced Material and 40% ownership from Suomen Malmijalostus Oy. The environmental permit allows for the production of approximately 60,000 tons of battery chemicals annually and energy needs for self-production. Avi’s decision includes a permit under the Water Act and sets emission limit values for waste water and exhaust gases. The factory will produce precursors of cathodic active material used to make electric car batteries’ main raw material.

There are plans to build a cathode-active material factory in Kotka and establish a battery cluster in Kotka-Hamina region to cover the entire value chain of battery production. In addition, CNGR also plans a raw material pretreatment and recycling plant connected with the battery material factory. The appeal period for Avi’s decision ends on March 20th, 2024.

This project will bring new investment opportunities in Southern Finland’s economy while contributing significantly towards reducing carbon emissions from transportation sector through electric vehicles production.

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