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In an effort to support local businesses affected by the construction on 900 South, two community groups in Salt Lake City have teamed up to create a business awareness campaign called “9 Line Up.” Named after the 9-line Trail that is being built along 900 South, the campaign encourages people to shop locally and show their support.

Doug Flagler, representing the Central 9th Community Council, explained that they had a meeting with several businesses on 900 South and realized that a business awareness campaign was necessary to help these local businesses thrive. The council partnered with the East Liberty Park Community Organization to launch 9 Line Up. The goal of the campaign is to drive traffic to the area just before the holidays and encourage people to spend their money at locally-owned businesses.

As part of the campaign, some businesses are offering special promotions and hosting events. For example, the Scion Cider Bar near 200 West is hosting a pop-up arts market from 12 to 5 p.m. this weekend. Rio Connelly, general manager of the bar, emphasized the importance of supporting local businesses and keeping dollars within the community.

Both community groups believe that supporting local businesses will benefit not only these individual businesses but also the entire community as a whole. They hope to organize more events in the future and have created an Instagram account for people to follow and stay updated on the 9 Line Up campaign.

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