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Celtics Focus on TV Coverage of Caitlin Clark Leading Iowa to Victory over LSU After Defeating Hornets

The Boston Celtics, after defeating the Charlotte Hornets on Monday night, shifted their focus to the NCAA Women’s Tournament. Ten Celtics players sat in a row at their lockers, icing their feet and concentrating on Caitlin Clark, who scored an astonishing 41 points and made nine 3-pointers in Iowa’s 94-87 victory over LSU.

The Celtics players were astounded by Clark’s performance, with one player praising her remarkable skills and another remarking that she was stealing the show in both men’s and women’s basketball. Even after the game ended, the players continued to discuss Clark’s incredible feat, expressing admiration for her achievements.

Clark, who holds the NCAA Division I all-time scoring record with 3,900 career points, has captured the attention of basketball fans with her talent and skill on the court. Sam Hauser, a forward for the Celtics, noted that women’s college basketball has become increasingly competitive in recent years and that players like Clark are making a significant impact on the sport.

Historically, NBA players would often watch and support their own schools during the men’s NCAA Tournament. However, the Celtics players were captivated by Clark’s performance and her impact on the game of basketball. Hauser reflected on how women’s basketball is gaining popularity and how players like Clark are changing the narrative of the sport.

In conclusion, Caitlin Clark’s performance against LSU in Iowa’s Elite Eight victory captured

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