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Get involved in discussing science culture

On February 14th, we are excited to launch a new series titled “Taboos and tricky topics” aimed at sparking conversations about science culture. Join us as representatives from the chemistry community share their thoughts and insights on this topic.

Our previous series, “Vision for a great science culture,” laid out the values, behaviors, and expectations of a positive science community. While creating such a community is essential, it may present challenges and require collective effort.

The goal of this new series is to address the tensions that exist within science culture, including the delicate balance between advancing a research career and dedicating time to improving aspects of science culture. We want to provide a platform for individuals from different backgrounds and career stages to share their perspectives. Additionally, you can submit your input through our questions and comments board, which is completely anonymous.

To participate in the conversation, visit our YouTube channel or LinkedIn page at 4pm UK time on February 14th. You can also submit your questions and comments at any time leading up to the event.

For more information about this exciting new series, please visit our website.

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