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MPS Manufacturing sets sights on business expansion in New Philadelphia

A New Philadelphia-based rubber molding company, MPS Manufacturing, is seeking to rezone a residential property to industrial in order to expand its business. The company, which sells its products in 35 different countries, plans to establish a CNC mold shop in an existing building at 407 Kaserman Ave. NE.

Recently, MPS Manufacturing acquired a machine shop in Tallmadge and relocated it to New Philadelphia. This move will not only bring the company’s operations closer together but also create one new job. The company hopes to attract some aerospace work and expand its customer base even further.

MPS Manufacturing was founded in 2005 and has since grown to employ 18 workers, with another recent hire bringing the total number of employees to 19. The company supplies the entire North American GM Truck market with various rubber moldings and has nine robots in its plant.

The city’s planning commission has already approved the zoning change, and an ordinance is currently being finalized. A public hearing will be held before the measure gets its third reading, marking an important step in the expansion process. Service Director Ron McAbier commended the company, urging council members to “see what they do over there.”

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