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AI identifies jungle noises

Researchers from Germany, Ecuador, and America have proposed a novel way to monitor the regeneration of tropical forests globally – by using listening artificial intelligence. By simply allowing AI to listen, one can easily determine the health of the rainforest and its different stages of species composition.

Through reliable measurements, the AI technology was able to assess how Ecuadorian tropical forests were naturally regenerating after agricultural use of the lands ceased. The forests studied ranged from pasture land and cocoa plantations to forests of different ages growing in their place, ultimately leading to old primeval forests.

The assessment made by the artificial intelligence aligned with that of experts who listened to the sounds of birds, amphibians, mammals, as well as the analysis of nocturnal insect species. However, the AI could only classify a fraction of the species identified by experts. Nonetheless, this approach could still be a cost-effective method for monitoring tropical forest regeneration globally.

By recognizing different bird species in various stages of forest development, AI technology provides valuable insights into the health and biodiversity of rainforests. This information can be used to ensure not only carbon sinks but also biodiversity-rich environments in various parts of the world.

By Samantha Jones

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