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Former Mongolian Leader Mocks Putin’s Ukraine Claims by Sharing Empire Map

Russian President Vladimir Putin has relied on historical borders to argue that Ukraine is part of Russia and to justify the ongoing conflict. In an interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Putin outlined centuries of Russian and European history, claiming that Russia has a legitimate claim over Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Mongolia’s former president Tsakhia Elbegdorj mocked Putin over the weekend by sharing maps showing how large the Mongol Empire once was, including parts of what is now Russia. The maps also showed how small Russia was in the 15th century. While Mongolia’s government has not condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine outright, Elbegdorj has been vocal in his support for the country.

After Putin’s speech, Elbegdorj shared a historic map of the Mongol Empire on social media, stating that Mongolia is a peaceful and free nation. He wrote in February 2023: “The world’s democracies must rally with even greater resolve to declare that freedom is non-negotiable and to give Ukraine the weapons it needs to win.” Elbegdorj added that he knows Putin does not tolerate freedom and despises differences and competition, fearing a free Ukraine as a deep narcissist who could not afford to see more successful and prosperous neighbors.

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