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Just minutes after Croatia’s qualification for Euro 2024, Luka Modrić made a gesture that impressed everyone. He went to the dressing room of Armenia and gave Ognjen Čančarević, the Serbian goalkeeper who plays for Armenia, a jersey as a gift. Čančarević was touched by Modrić’s kindness and praised him as the best football player in their region.

After the match, Čančarević congratulated Croatia on their victory and their well-deserved qualification to the Euros. He noted that Armenia had tried to impose themselves with a young team without two standard players, but Budimir’s goal in the 43rd minute disrupted their efforts. However, he believed that Croatia could go far in the tournament, acknowledging their result crisis but emphasizing their experience and ability to play in big competitions.

Later that evening at a Croatian festival, Čančarević spoke out about the poor state of the stadium. He agreed that it was an issue that needed to be addressed and expressed his hope for a change soon. Despite this, he felt grateful for being part of such an exciting event and looking forward to seeing what the future holds for both teams.

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