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MMA Fans Question Lack of UFC 300 Main Event Announcement Amid Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Win

The Kansas City Chiefs have once again emerged as Super Bowl champions, leaving the MMA world in awe. On Sunday night, the Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 22-19 in an overtime game for the ages. Patrick Mahomes was instrumental in the victory, throwing for 333 yards and landing the game-winning touchdown.

As the MMA community watched with bated breath, several prominent figures cheered on the Chiefs, including Nate Diaz, who was particularly vocal about his support. However, not everyone was thrilled about the outcome of the game. Some fighters expressed disappointment that a UFC 300 main event fight announcement did not come to fruition. Instead, UFC 300 remains without a main event.

Despite this setback, many MMA fans took to social media to share their reactions and opinions about the game. Check out some of the best reactions from below:

“Did anyone catch the UFC 300 Main event announcement? #UFC300” – Brian Boom Kelleher (@brianboom135)

“This Super Bowl game has me stressed!!! what a great game! – Raquel Pennington (@RockyPMMA) February 12

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