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Israel blames mistaken identity for attack on aid workers while José Andrés insists it was intentional.

In the aftermath of the Israeli army’s preliminary report on the triple aerial bombardment that killed seven members of World Central Kitchen (WCK) in Gaza, many questions remain unanswered. The attack, which is attributed to “misidentification,” has left many doubts and sparked international condemnation.

The incident has been described as a tragic accident caused by mistaken identification in complex conditions. Israeli Chief of Staff, Herzi Halevi, acknowledged that the attack was not intentional but a result of human error. However, this explanation has not satisfied many people who believe that more information should be provided regarding the circumstances behind the attack.

The victims of the attack include three Britons, an Australian, a Pole, and a dual Canadian-American citizen. Their removal from Gaza has prompted calls for accountability and justice from all corners of the world. President Joe Biden has expressed his frustration with Israel’s actions and demanded a thorough investigation into the attack. The United States continues to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza but expects Israel to protect civilians and aid workers.

The incident has also raised concerns about anti-Semitism and tested Poland’s solidarity with Israel. Prime Minister Donald Tusk reproached Netanyahu and the Israeli ambassador in Warsaw for their actions and denounced anti-Semitism. The White House is waiting for the results of the Israeli investigation before considering additional measures. Despite this, pressure for accountability and protection of civilians remains high.

By Samantha Jones

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