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The sun was barely up on October 7 at Kibbutz Re’im when the festivities of the Nova Festival were in full swing. Millet Ben Haim and her friends were beaming with joy as they took photos and enjoyed the celebration. However, their happiness was short-lived as air raid sirens pierced the early morning silence, and Hamas fighters descended upon the festival site.

In less than two minutes, the atmosphere shifted dramatically, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. A total of 364 festival-goers were killed, and 40 were taken hostage. Millet was one of the lucky survivors who managed to escape unscathed. In an interview with German newspaper Bild, she recounted her harrowing experience. She described how the music suddenly stopped due to the sound of rockets filling the sky.

Millet and her friends tried to flee in their car but were thwarted when they saw terrorists shooting at people in cars ahead of them. They attempted to turn around but were met with similar violence. With no other choice, they abandoned their vehicle and ran through the fields, desperate to find safety.

After hours of wandering aimlessly and seeking refuge, Millet and her companions eventually hid in a bush with three other women. They disguised themselves to avoid being found by terrorists who had been relentlessly pursuing them for hours. Their prayers were finally answered when Ramy Davidian, a civilian hero who saved over 100 lives that day, found them and rescued them from danger’s clutches.

Now that she is safe with her family, Millet is grateful for her life but struggling to cope with the trauma and loss resulting from the attack. She feels like a different person, unable to connect with friends or family members and overwhelmed by the magnitude of what happened on that fateful day at Kibbutz Re’im during the Nova Festival celebration.

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