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March 25, 2024: Oklahoma Sooners take on Indiana Hoosiers

In the game between Oklahoma and Indiana, both teams are doing an excellent job at holding onto the ball. Oklahoma has had 9 turnovers, while Indiana has only had 4. In the fourth quarter, at 3:13, Oklahoma made a crucial play and took the lead 61-60 after trailing since 5:18. Then, with just over 9 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, Indiana made a key move and tied the score at 48 after being behind since 6:50 in the third quarter.

In the third quarter at 7:04, Oklahoma made another key play and tied the score at 32 after trailing since 9:20. Moving back to the second quarter with only 48 seconds left, Indiana took control of the game by taking a lead of 29-28 after being behind since 9:35. Finally, in the first quarter at 1:53, Indiana tied things up once again by scoring a point to make it a tie at 19 after being behind since 4:37. Each team has had their chance to shine and make critical plays throughout this exciting matchup.

By Samantha Jones

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