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Newcastle and Everton Share Points in 1-1 Draw – Yahoo Sports Analysis

Newcastle’s Alexander Isak scored in the 15th minute, putting Everton on the back foot. However, Everton managed to pull off a draw despite being outplayed for much of the game.

Jordan Pickford made important saves to keep Everton in the game, but he faced boos from the home fans as they were struggling to keep up with Newcastle’s attacks. Despite their struggles, Everton was able to salvage a draw thanks to a VAR review that disallowed a goal from Dan Burn for Newcastle.

Another review awarded Everton a late penalty, which Dominic Calvert-Lewin converted to secure a point for Everton and break their scoring drought that had lasted 23 games. Manager Sean Dyche is hopeful that this goal will be the first of many for Calvert-Lewin as Everton desperately need more goals to turn their season around.

Although they were able to secure a crucial point, it did little to improve their winless streak in the Premier League, which now stands at 13 games and sets a new club record. Despite these difficulties, Everton will take some solace in knowing that they were able to salvage a draw in what was an incredibly challenging match for them.

By Samantha Jones

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