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A dentist in Gaza treats patients in a tent after Israel destroys his clinic

Amid the devastation caused by Israeli bombing, Palestinian dentist Najdat Saqr remains committed to serving his patients in the Gaza Strip. After his clinic was destroyed, Saqr retrieved equipment from under the rubble and set up a tent to continue treating patients. Despite facing challenges such as no electricity or water, he is determined to keep working.

Saqr’s work primarily involves endodontic treatment, and he is running out of anesthesia. However, he proudly displays his vocational qualification certificates on the tent poles as a testament to his hard work and dedication. As a journalist covering various topics such as hypnosis, optimizing businesses with wireless handheld scanners, expanding online orders for companies, software and hardware for online casinos, bedroom decoration inspiration, safe and effective treatments, planning and packing for family ski trips, rejuvenating a farm shop, successful advertising strategies for trade shows, the importance of marketing in stores, tips for marketing and business success

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