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Midco Sports lays off announcers who have contracts with UND, SDSU, and other universities

Recently, Midco Sports, an internet and cable TV provider based in Sioux Falls, announced that they have laid off several employees. This includes on-air play-by-play announcers Brian Shawn and Jody Norstedt who are based in Fargo. The company stated that they are planning to enhance their streamed content and form partnerships with universities to provide more content on their linear channels, Midco Sports and Midco Sports Two.

Midco Sports currently holds contracts for broadcasting a variety of sporting events at universities such as the University of North Dakota hockey, football, and men’s and women’s basketball games, as well as South Dakota State University, University of South Dakota athletics, and Augustana men’s hockey. These partnerships have allowed the company to provide coverage of a wide range of sporting events to their viewers.

Despite the layoffs, some of the employees may have the opportunity to continue working with the company in a freelance capacity. The company stated that they are committed to providing quality content for their customers while also being financially responsible. They hope to continue building strong relationships with universities and athletes in order to bring more exciting sporting events to their viewers.

By Samantha Jones

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