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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has expressed his disappointment with OpenAI for not consulting with him before firing former CEO Sam Altman. Nadella believes that as a partner, he deserves to be consulted on big decisions. He told Kara Swisher’s podcast that Microsoft only learned of Altman’s removal when OpenAI went public with the announcement.

Nadella believes that Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI and its use of the company’s technology should have been taken into consideration when making the decision to remove Altman as CEO. He also pointed out that Altman had previously chosen Microsoft twice, indicating a strong partnership between the two companies.

On Friday, OpenAI abruptly announced Altman’s firing as CEO, citing a lack of consistency in his communications with the board. However, many have criticized the decision and questioned why such a major change was made without prior notice or consultation.

In response to the controversy, Nadella announced on Monday that he had hired both Altman and former OpenAI president Greg Brockman to head Microsoft’s new advanced AI research team. However, this move may not be enough to satisfy all parties involved, as nearly all of OpenAI’s staff have threatened to quit unless the board resigns and Altman returns as CEO.

Despite this ongoing drama, Nadella seems prepared for any outcome and is focused on moving forward with his vision for artificial intelligence at Microsoft.

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