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IPN to Join NASA Mission with Experimental Ship in Stratosphere

The National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) has been invited to participate in a suborbital mission to the stratosphere with NASA’s Emidds-6 experimental module. This is the first time IPN will be involved in such a mission, which is scheduled to depart from Antarctica at the end of December and January. Mario Alberto Mendoza B├írcenas, a researcher at IPN’s Aerospace Development Center, is leading the project and explained that one of the objectives of the mission is to develop instrumentation to identify contaminants such as microplastics in the stratosphere and capture images related to altitude during the ascent of the platform to its maximum floating point.

The unique atmospheric circulation pattern over Antarctica allows for a constant altitude for a longer period, enabling IPN’s experimental module Emidss-6 to collect and store data on characterizing the stratospheric environment in low latitudes using Mexican aerospace technology. The module will record environmental variables through sensors monitoring humidity, temperature, relative humidity, and ultraviolet radiation with commercial-grade devices. In July, NASA experts conducted strict technical and electromagnetic compatibility evaluations on Emidss-6 payload to ensure it met standards.

The mission team consists of experts from IPN as well as other institutions such as Institutes of Applied Sciences and Technology and Engineering at National Autonomous University of Mexico, Western Institute of Technology and Higher Studies, and Molina Center for Energy and Environment. This collaboration between IPN and NASA aims to advance our understanding of space exploration while also promoting international cooperation in scientific research.

By Samantha Jones

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