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Meta requests Quest users’ date of birth to customize account type based on age

Meta is introducing a new feature that requires users within its Quest virtual reality ecosystem to provide their date of birth in order to customize their account type and settings based on their age. This move is aimed at preventing users from being blocked from their accounts.

Users of Meta Quest will receive a notification prompting them to re-enter their date of birth, which will remain private but will assist Meta in determining their age. This process is mandatory, and users have 30 days from receiving the notification to comply. Failure to provide the date of birth will result in the account being blocked, as stated on Meta’s official blog.

If the date of birth entered does not match the one initially provided, account usage will be restricted. In such cases, users will need to provide official identification to verify their correct age. Meta offers three account modalities based on age: adults (over 18 years old), teenagers (between 13 and 17 years old), and preteens (between 10 and 12 years old). Each age group has specific privacy and security settings tailored to their needs.

Minors, especially preteens, have additional restrictions on their accounts along with parental control tools that regulate communication with other users and the games and applications they can access and download. By aligning account settings with the age of users, Meta aims to enhance the safety and privacy of its virtual reality ecosystem for all participants.

By Samantha Jones

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