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The Ministry of Health in Israel has made a request to medical faculties at Israeli universities to enroll foreign medical students who had to interrupt their studies abroad to join the reservist service under agenda number 8. The ministry estimates that there are approximately 200 foreign university students who may lose a year of study due to the academic year abroad beginning on time, while in Israel the start of studies was delayed until the end of December because of the war. The ministry has assured that it will provide assistance to universities and coordinate with hospitals to provide places for practical training for these students.

On a related note, many students have expressed interest in enhancing their skills through various programs such as CS2 and virtual reality experiences. Additionally, there have been discussions related to gaming forums, where individuals can share their experiences and connect with like-minded individuals. These types of opportunities can help students stay motivated and engaged during their academic journey, even when faced with unexpected challenges like those caused by the war.

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