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CDC Issues Health Alert Network Advisory Regarding Measles

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The Health Advisory issued by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) alerts healthcare providers of an increase in measles cases both domestically and globally. This advisory highlights the importance of ensuring that children in the US and those traveling internationally who are 6 months and older are up to date on their MMR vaccination.

Healthcare providers must be aware of the rising number of measles cases and outbreaks to prevent the spread of the disease. By encouraging vaccination for eligible individuals, providers can help protect their patients and the community at large.

It is crucial for healthcare providers to read the full HAN Advisory to gain comprehensive information on the current measles situation, recommendations for the public, and available resources. By staying informed and proactive in promoting vaccination, providers can play a key role in controlling the spread of measles.

In order to combat measles outbreaks, healthcare providers should keep up to date on vaccination guidelines and encourage vaccination for eligible individuals. This can make a significant impact in preventing further spread of measles and protecting the health of their patients.

By Samantha Jones

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