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Submit Your Nominations and Entry Form for the Most Innovative CMO List

The CMO role has evolved significantly in recent years as marketers navigate through a fragmented media landscape and new technologies such as generative AI. In order to drive growth and maintain profit margins, top marketers must possess strong financial acumen, communicate effectively across all functions of the company, and enhance the reputation of their brand.

Business Insider is currently accepting nominations for the ninth annual list of the most innovative CMOs in the world. Nominees can be marketing executives at any level, but they must hold senior-most positions at consumer brands and have been in their roles for at least six months. The nomination process will consider various factors such as the executive’s impact on company performance, their responsibilities, the size of the brand they represent, and their influence on industry trends.

To increase your chances of being selected for this prestigious list, it is recommended that you provide case studies and quantitative data highlighting your contributions to company growth. Entries that demonstrate a clear impact on business results will be given priority consideration by Business Insider. The final list will be determined based on reporting and nominations received by April 30th.

If you would like to nominate your choice for the most innovative CMO, visit our website today to learn more about how to submit your entry. Thank you for considering participating in this exciting opportunity to recognize some of the best marketing executives in the world!

By Samantha Jones

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