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The Marion County Health Department has taken legal action against Irvington Lofts for not providing heat to its residents, an issue that has been ongoing for years according to residents. This recent outage comes after a two-week power outage that prompted the Marion County Public Health Department to step in and take legal action. While residents affected by the power outage were eventually provided with hotels and received a $300 discount on their November rent, those dealing with the heat outage have not been provided with a reimbursement.

Fran Quigley of the Health and Human Rights Clinic at Indiana University McKinney School of Law suggested that resident rights are being violated and they should take action by reaching out to the Marion County Health Department and contacting Indiana Legal Services for assistance. Records from the Marion County Health Department show that it has issued 9 violations to Irvington Lofts so far this year, 7 of which are heat related. Despite this, residents are continuing to voice their desire for a permanent solution to the recurring heating issues.

Irvington Lofts management stated that it is working with the health department to address the issue, and in the meantime, residents will receive $150 off of their December rent as a repayment for the loss of food. The heating and cooling system is currently being replaced for around $250,000 per building, with the South building expected to be repaired by November 30th. In the meantime, residents are using space heaters to stay warm, which has sparked concerns about fire danger.

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