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Former Executives from Kyruus Health, Health Catalyst, and Other Digital Health Companies Join Manifold’s Team

Manifold, a cutting-edge AI-powered clinical research platform, has announced several new additions to its leadership and advisory team. Chris McMahon has joined as the chief people officer, Alex Akersd as vice president of growth, Danielle Kowalski as vice president of legal, Megan Ahigian as senior director of product and partnerships, and Taylor Gleason as senior director of marketing. McMahon, Ahigian, and Gleason have previously held similar roles at Kyruus Health, while Akers served as VP of sales at Health Catalyst and Kowalski was VP and deputy general counsel at HubSpot’s legal and compliance function.

In addition to the leadership team, Mike Longo and Chris Reisig are joining Manifold as go-to-market advisors. Longo brings extensive experience in healthcare technology from his time as Veeva’s vice president of research and development in North America. Meanwhile, ConcertAI has appointed Dhiraj Carumbay as senior vice president and general manager of the company’s TeraRecon business. Carumbay has a wealth of experience managing business units at RadNet, Amazon AWS, Philips Healthcare, Fujifilm, and GE HealthCare. At AWS

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