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The Croatian national team has qualified for Euro 2024, which will be held in Germany. The team is thrilled with their victory and the opportunity to compete in a major tournament. Josko Guardiol, who will be 22 years old at the time of the Euros, expressed his happiness at qualifying for his third major competition and the chance to play alongside other young players.

Borna Sosa returned to the first team after playing on the left flank in Riga and assisting on the winning goal. Despite not being fully satisfied with Sosa’s performance, coach Dalić gave him another chance. Sosa talked about the atmosphere he expects in Germany and how it will motivate them to perform well during group stage matches.

Sosa also addressed Dalić’s criticism of him, saying that it was just an incentive for him to improve and he hopes to do so in the future. Dominik Livaković spoke about their victory and placement at the Euros, expressing excitement about returning to Maksimir stadium and helping the team with important one-on-one defense.

The team’s goals for Euro 2024 are simple: they aim to progress through each group stage match without setting any specific objectives. They are confident that their skills and determination will allow them to achieve this goal.

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