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As the hearing with trade unions, trade associations, and companies at the M5s headquarters in Campo Marzio comes to a close, Giuseppe Conte has been working tirelessly for the past month to develop a ‘package’ of postponements. By 6pm on Wednesday, approximately a thousand amendments will be deposited and publicly illustrated, in an effort to address the concerns of various stakeholders.

The government’s budget law is seen as “zero growth”, which highlights the need for change. The recent strikes have only confirmed this discontent, indicating that something must be done to restart the country. In order to do so, Giuseppe Conte has been focusing on five pillar themes: business, work, healthcare, home, and youth policies.

One of the key issues that the Five Star Movement is addressing is the surge in mortgage rates and house taxes. They aim to find solutions to this problem and make housing more affordable for all Italians. Additionally, they are proposing affective education in schools and introducing emotional and sexual education as compulsory subjects at all levels of Italian schools. This focus on youth policies shows their commitment to creating a better future for Italy’s young people.

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