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In Vukosavljevica near Virovitica, a 60-year-old man named Ivan Šanteković had an unexpected encounter with a deer on his family’s covered terrace. The deer had likely been killed in a collision with a vehicle and died there. When Šanteković found the animal, he was shocked and gently nudged it to discover that it was already deceased.

After calling the police, they determined that the deer had come from the nearby forest and entered Šanteković’s yard after being involved in a collision with a vehicle. The death of the animal was caused by internal injuries that were not visible from its exterior. The deer was six years old and belonged to the silver category due to its large horns.

A hunter from the Pheasant Hunting Association Špišić Bukovica named Željko Rešetar also visited the terrace and noted that it is common for injured animals to seek shelter in safe places. Rešetar added that this incident was rare in their area, highlighting the unpredictable nature of wildlife encounters.

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