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Natasha Galloway of BB Fly Trucking received a $30,000 grant for her small business and had big plans for the funds. She intended to pay off her truck, purchase a trailer, and invest in commercial property. However, things took an unexpected turn when she encountered difficulties accessing the grant money.

Galloway was notified of the grant in an email on September 29 and received the check on October 25. She brought it to her local Regions Bank branch to deposit it, but the bank flagged the check as suspicious and froze her entire business account. They began a three-month investigation into the matter.

Despite efforts by Galloway to verify her identity as a grant recipient with Regions Bank, she is still unable to access any of the funds in her account. As a result, her truck was repossessed and sent to auction despite her best attempts to resolve the issue.

Galloway expressed disappointment with how things unfolded and lamented that she would have greatly benefited from the grant money for her business. Regions Bank declined to comment on client banking information but confirmed that they were investigating the matter further. For updates on this case, Galloway suggested following Lileana Pearson on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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