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The Lewis County Health System is on track to receive repayment from the county for millions of dollars. This was made possible after the Health and Human Services Committee approved the movement of $2.5 million from this year’s fund balance and an additional $1 million per year over the next two years. Originally, this money was borrowed from the hospital in 2018 to aid in the construction of the Jefferson Community College Education Center in Lewis County.

The funds will be used for general operations but will also specifically assist in reopening the hospital’s maternity ward. Jeff Hellinger, CFO of Lewis County Health System, expressed optimism about the potential to move forward with reopening the ward, noting that a new provider recently started.

However, before this repayment plan can become a reality, it still requires approval from the full board of legislators. If approved, this reimbursement will provide crucial financial support to the health system and contribute to the potential reopening of the maternity ward.

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