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LeBron James Expresses Anxiety Watching Son Bronny Play for USC, Criticizes College Basketball

In the latest episode of the “Mind the Game” podcast, LeBron James, the star player for the Los Angeles Lakers, shared his thoughts on college basketball and how watching his son, Bronny James, play at USC this season causes him a great deal of anxiety. According to LeBron, he finds it increasingly challenging to watch college basketball games as they have become more fast-paced and complex. He believes that some coaches are making poor decisions when they throw the ball into the post for big players who lack skills in that area.

During the podcast episode, LeBron elaborated on why he finds college basketball so difficult to watch. He criticized some coaches’ decision-making process and felt that it was not effective in creating dynamic offensive opportunities or flattening the defense. He emphasized that only those players should be sent into the post if they can effectively do so.

LeBron also expressed his support for his son’s decision about whether to declare for the 2024 NBA Draft or return for another season at USC after its transition to Big Ten. Regardless of what choice Bronny makes, LeBron is determined to support him on his journey. He stated that they would go through the draft process together and consider all factors before making a final decision.

In conclusion, while LeBron James has achieved much success in his career with the Los Angeles Lakers, watching his son play college basketball causes him a great deal of anxiety and stress due to its fast pace and complexity. However, he is determined to support his son on any decision he makes about continuing in college or taking a leap into professional sports.

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