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Reference for Equitable Language in Pragmatic Trials Provided by Health Equity Core on March 28, 2024

Dr. Rosa Gonzalez-Guarda, co-chair of the Health Equity Core in the NIH Pragmatic Trials Collaboratory, has created a new resource to help researchers use inclusive language and terms when working with specific individuals, groups, and communities. The Equitable Language Cheat Sheet can be found on the Health Equity Core webpage and will be updated regularly to reflect changing terminology and guidance.

According to Dr. Gonzalez-Guarda, it is crucial to respect individual preferences for identification when collaborating with diverse populations in research. The cheat sheet serves as an essential tool for researchers and partners who may not have direct input from the communities they are working with, providing clear guidelines for communication.

The cheat sheet covers preferred terminology for various identities, including age, race and ethnicity, gender, differing abilities, drug/substance abuse, underserved populations, and partners and populations of focus. It aims to promote respectful and inclusive language in research and foster a more equitable approach to healthcare.

In addition to language use guidance, the Health Equity Core offers direction on integrating a health equity perspective in pragmatic clinical research. The Core works to identify barriers to achieving health equity in research and develops strategies and tools to promote a more inclusive approach in pragmatic trials. The Equitable Language Cheat Sheet is part of the Core’s mission to address biases and advance health equity in research settings.

By Samantha Jones

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