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Kruidvat to phase out iconic plastic candy bag

Kruidvat has announced that it will be replacing its iconic plastic candy bags with a more sustainable paper version. The decision comes after the store chain realized that no fewer than 8 million plastic bags were used annually, leading to the need to reduce plastic waste. By banning the plastic bag, Kruidvat claims to save 32,000 kilos of plastic every year.

The replacement of the plastic candy bag is part of Kruidvat’s broader sustainability strategy. The store chain says that it is committed to making packaging and products more sustainable, and the paper bag is one of many initiatives being taken towards this goal. Leendert van Bergeijk, Kruidvat’s sustainability manager, explains that this new step will help reduce the use of plastic and decrease litter in Belgium and the Netherlands.

“If you were to line up all the plastic candy bags we replace every year, you would arrive at 4,000 kilometers,” van Bergeijk says. The paper bag has been standard in Wallonia for some time now, but all Kruidvat branches in Wallonia will switch to the latest version of the paper candy bag on Monday. This move by Kruidvat is a positive step towards reducing waste and promoting sustainability in the retail industry.

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