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The All-Israeli Association of Trade Unions, Histadrut, has issued an appeal to Deputy Israel Eichler, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on Labor and Social Security, requesting him to begin promoting a bill that would reimburse employers for the pension contributions of workers called up for reservist duties. The initiative was taken by Yossi Barabi, head of the trade union representing employees in security companies, cleaning companies, and elderly care companies. If there is no agreed government legislation on this matter within two weeks, Barabi’s bill will be tabled. This initiative has the support of both the Minister of Labor and Defense.

The current National Insurance Law compensates reservists based on their “gross” salary but does not include social benefits paid by their employer such as pension contributions, severance pay, vacation pay, health benefits, and sick days. These non-reimbursable losses can amount to 22% to 36% of an employee’s salary. According to MP Eti Atia, this issue is significant in many areas, especially in safety and security where around 100 thousand people are employed and at least 20% are called up for reservist service. This puts a strain on already unprofitable industries like security companies who have to pay 25% of the salaries of 20% of their workers.

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