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Kemira’s year-end pace slowed due to decrease in chemical prices – Economy

Kemira, a leading industrial chemical company, is paying out a dividend of EUR 0.68 per share to its shareholders. Despite the challenging economic conditions in October-December 2020, Kemira’s net sales decreased by approximately 16% from EUR 969 million to EUR 809 million. The decrease was mainly attributed to lower sales prices of energy-intensive pulp and bleaching chemicals. However, Kemira’s operating profit for this period dropped by just under 11% to EUR 113 million, thanks to the sale of its Oil & Gas business that shrank the actual operating profit to EUR 1.3 million. Despite this, Kemira’s operating EBITDA increased by an impressive 17% from the previous year to reach a record high of EUR 667 million. Despite the decrease in turnover for the entire year, which fell to EUR 3.38 billion, Kemira reported a record high profitability with an operating profit of EUR 463 million.

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