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Amazon’s AWS undergoes downsizing in a new cost-cutting initiative.

In 2018, Amazon introduced cashier-less technology known as “Just Walk Out” at a store in Seattle. This system tracks the items shoppers take and charges them automatically. The process involves human moderators who review transactions and label footage remotely. The recent layoffs will affect part of the AWS identity and checkout teams within the Physical Stores Technology organization, as shared by Dilip Kumar, vice president of AWS applications, in a message to employees. These layoffs come after Amazon’s largest job cut round approximately 14 months ago when 18,000 corporate roles were eliminated as part of cost-cutting efforts following a hiring surge driven by the pandemic. Despite these decisions, Amazon has emphasized that they are necessary to optimize resources and continue delivering innovation for their customers. The company has also pledged to support affected employees in transitioning to new roles within or outside of Amazon.

By Samantha Jones

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