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Mostly teenagers and students participate in the fourth day of anti-Israeli marches in Jordan

For four consecutive nights, anti-Israeli protests have been held in the Jordanian capital, close to the Israeli Embassy. Each evening, protesters attempted to approach the embassy but were met with resistance from the police and gendarmerie, resulting in several arrests. The number of participants in the demonstrations has decreased compared to earlier days, with most of them being teenagers and students.

The younger generation is taking a stand against what they see as unjust actions by Israel towards the Palestinian people. The demonstrators are demanding that the Jordanian government take concrete actions to halt what they perceive as Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. They are calling for the annulment of all agreements with Israel, including the peace treaty (Wadi Arba agreement) and the gas agreement. Additionally, they are pushing for a halt on the transport of goods from Persian Gulf countries through Jordan and a ban on the export of vegetables.

The protests are a display of continued frustration and anger towards Israel’s policies. Despite their demands for stronger action from their government against Israel’s actions, many young people are disillusioned by their government’s response so far.

The protests also highlight concerns about economic issues such as transport costs and job opportunities for young people who have been participating in these events.

Overall, these anti-Israeli protests continue to showcase how young generations around the world remain committed to fighting for justice and equality for all peoples.

By Samantha Jones

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