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Jesse Ventura, Former Governor, Ventures into Cannabis Industry with New Line of Edibles

Jesse Ventura, the former governor of Minnesota, has recently announced his entry into the cannabis industry by partnering with a hemp company in Columbia Heights to produce Ventura-branded lines of edibles. In his announcement, Ventura expressed his excitement about being able to share products from a plant that has had a positive impact on his life. He also noted the historical significance of being the first U.S. Governor to officially put his name on a cannabis brand.

Ventura’s partnership with Retro Bakery, a cannabis edibles company, will be known as “Jesse Ventura Farms.” The Black-owned small business is located near where Ventura raised his family and was carefully selected by Ventura after considering various cannabis companies. His son, Tyrel Ventura, explained that Retro Bakery will use Ventura’s name and intellectual property to create different product lines in the future.

A portion of the proceeds from certain products under the Jesse Ventura Farms brand will be donated to charities focused on environmental cleanup, veterans, and individuals impacted by the war on drugs. Jesse Ventura has been a vocal advocate for marijuana legalization for many years and testified in support of it at the State Capitol. Last year, when Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz signed a bill legalizing recreational marijuana, Ventura and his wife stood with him in support of the legislation.

Ventura shared his personal experience of how marijuana helped alleviate his wife’s seizures a decade ago and how it has made a difference in their lives. He believes that cannabis can help others who are struggling with similar health issues and hopes that his partnership with Retro Bakery will provide them with safe and effective alternatives to traditional treatments.

The partnership between Jesse Ventura and Retro Bakery marks an exciting new chapter for both parties as they work together to bring high-quality cannabis products to consumers across Minnesota while also giving back to important causes through charitable donations.

In conclusion, Jesse Ventura’s entry into the cannabis industry is an exciting development for both him and Retro Bakery as they work together to bring safe and effective alternatives to traditional treatments while also supporting important causes through charitable donations.

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