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During the January-October period, a total of 159,323 consumer arbitration applications were received by the 37 committees in Istanbul. The processed file value for these applications was 816,706,581 liras. Among the applications evaluated, 65,565 were decided in favor of the consumer. The retail sector ranked first with 53.72 percent of all applications. Out of all consumer arbitration committees in Turkey, the Istanbul Provincial Consumer Arbitration Committee received the highest number of applications during this period.

In addition to their activities, the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Commerce conducted inspections on various businesses from October 14 to November 13. A total of 17,875 products and services were examined during this timeframe. As a result of these inspections, it was discovered that 2,018 products were found to be illegal and an administrative fine of 5,414,988 liras was imposed.

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Overall, these developments highlight both the challenges faced by consumers seeking redress through arbitration as well as efforts by law enforcement agencies to ensure compliance with regulations within businesses operating within Turkey’s borders. At the same time

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