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Netanyahu: Israeli delegation trip cancellation to US was a ‘message’ to Hamas

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Wednesday that he had cancelled an official delegation to Washington after the United Nations Security Council approved a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. Netanyahu said the decision was a message to Hamas, urging them not to trust international pressure to prevent Israel from taking action.

Netanyahu criticized the US abstention from the UN vote, calling it a mistake that encouraged Hamas to adopt a tough stance. The delegation was meant to discuss a possible military offensive in Rafah, but Netanyahu decided against it following Biden’s suggestion to consider targeting Hamas without a major ground offensive.

Israel has been critical of Washington’s decision, with Foreign Minister Israel Katz calling it a moral and ethical mistake. Talks for a ceasefire in Gaza are ongoing in Doha, despite the delegation’s withdrawal from Washington.

The resolution passed by the UN Security Council marked the first text to gain support in the conflict, after previous US vetoes. Israel launched its offensive in response to attacks by Hamas, resulting in numerous casualties. The situation remains tense, with Hamas sticking to its demands for an end to the offensive and the withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza. The conflict has caused significant loss of life and ongoing negotiations for peace.

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