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The background of Israel’s release of two hostages in a raid on Rafah that lasted an hour and a half

The recent liberation of Israeli hostages Fernando Marman, 61, and Louis Har, 70, in the south of the Gaza Strip was a complex operation involving intelligence services, elite units, and air forces. The entire operation was coordinated by a war room of the Shin Bet’s internal intelligence services.

At approximately 01:49 local time, Israeli forces launched a raid on an apartment where the hostages were being held. The apartment was immediately secured with explosives and the three captors were killed on sight. The special forces then shielded the hostages with their bodies to ensure their safety.

Afterwards, Hamas men opened fire from nearby buildings while the Israeli air force went into action and bombed Hamas military sites and command centers. This allowed for a safe escape for Marman and Har, who were then taken out of Rafah in armored vehicles before being put on a helicopter that took them to Israel.

Once they arrived in Israel, both men underwent medical tests and were found to be in good condition. Only one member of the raid team sustained minor injuries during the operation.

The two hostages had been kidnapped during a violent Hamas attack on Kibbutz Nir Yiyzhak on October 7th along with Clara Marman (62), sister of Fernando; companion of Louis; Gabriela (58), another sister; and Mia Leimberg (17), her daughter. This marked only the second successful operation since the beginning of the conflict to free Israeli hostages in Gaza. Another failed attempt resulted in the death of one hostage while three others who managed to free themselves were mistakenly killed by Israeli soldiers. In another dramatic episode, three other hostages who managed to free themselves were killed by mistake by Israeli soldiers as well.

Hamas has condemned Israel’s latest actions in Rafah stating that they represent “a broadening of the scale of massacres it is committing against our people”. According to reports from Al-Jazeera News Network, three Israeli hostages who were injured during Israeli raids have died while over 100 people have reportedly been killed during a massive IDF attack on Rafah city – with more than 230 people injured most of whom are women and children

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