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The timeline of the concert hall attack in Moscow

The recent attack at a Moscow concert, which left over 130 people dead, is being attributed to the jihadist group Isis-K. This marks the worst terrorist attack in Russia since 2004 when Chechen terrorists seized a school in Beslan. The attack took place during a sold-out gig of the Russian rock band Piknik in the Crocus City Hall.

As panic and fear spread, the attackers set fire to the seats and building, causing part of the roof to collapse. Some victims were reportedly suffering from smoke poisoning due to emergency calls made shortly after the attack and rescue units and National Guard troops arriving quickly on scene. Later, Russian security services announced that eleven suspects had been arrested, including four believed to have been involved in the attack. However, it has not yet been disclosed much information about the movements of the attackers after the incident occurred.

Investigations are ongoing into this heinous crime and more details about the motives and background of those responsible are still emerging. As Russia continues to work towards uncovering all aspects of this tragic event, it is clear that this is an act of terrorism that will never be forgotten by those affected by it.

By Samantha Jones

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