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Programmatic ad tech is revolutionizing the way marketers target their media, according to Eric Sandberg, Managing Director at Dynata. Instead of relying on audience demographics or behavioral targeting, programmatic ad tech allows for quicker and more precise targeting to specific segments.

CMOs have an opportunity to add value to their businesses with the technology available today. Celia Fleischaker, Chief Marketing Officer at isolved, emphasizes that intent data can provide marketers with valuable insights into what interests their prospects and customers, which can be used to drive programs across the organization.

The SalesStar Podcast has featured several experts discussing various aspects of marketing and sales optimization. Episode 188 features Debbie Braney, Vice President of Demand & Brand Marketing at Glassbox, discussing how to optimize customer journeys. In episode 187, Curtis Tingle, EVP and CMO at Vericast, shares his insights on building end-to-end digital campaigns. And in episode 186, Carol Howley, CMO at Exclaimer, talks about using email signatures to drive marketing and sales efforts.

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