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English World Podcast: Episode 39 – Cherry Blossoms

In the 39th episode of the Kyodo News podcast, three journalists, including Yamaguchi-san and Horiuchi-san, discuss the annual tradition of cherry blossom viewing in Japan. They reflect on how recent inflation has affected the amount of money spent on this practice and share their thoughts on its significance. The podcast also mentions an article that highlights how budgets for cherry blossom viewing have been impacted by inflation in Japan.

The Kyodo News podcast is a great resource for English learners interested in news writing and learning how to translate challenging Japanese phrases into English. Listeners can enjoy hearing journalists discuss recent articles and occasionally veer off on unrelated tangents. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including Peruvian food, retro Japanese games, and Japan’s maglev train.

One photograph featured in the podcast shows people admiring cherry blossoms in full bloom at an avenue stretching for 1 kilometer along Tokyo’s Meguro River. The scene is captured on March 25, 2023, highlighting the beauty and tradition of cherry blossom viewing in Japan.

By Samantha Jones

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