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After loss to Afghanistan, what are India’s chances of advancing to third round in FIFA World Cup qualifiers?

India’s 2-1 loss to Afghanistan in Guwahati has put a damper on their hopes of qualifying for the third round of the 2026 FIFA World Cup. Despite this setback, they remain in second place in their group. Their fate now rests on the outcome of the match between Kuwait and Qatar.

If Kuwait fails to win, India will maintain their position in second place. However, India must win against Kuwait in their upcoming match in June if they hope to stay in contention for the next round of qualifiers. With current standings showing that a victory against Kuwait will bring them up to seven points, it is crucial for them to focus on securing victories in their remaining matches.

On the other hand, drawing against Kuwait may not be enough for India to secure a spot in the next round. In that case, their final game against Qatar will be critical in determining their fate. The loss to Afghanistan has highlighted the importance of winning their upcoming matches to keep their qualifying hopes alive.

In summary, India’s chances of advancing to the next round depend entirely on their performance in the remaining matches against Kuwait and Qatar. They need to prioritize securing wins over draws if they want to maintain their position above Kuwait and secure a spot in the next stage of qualification.

By Samantha Jones

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