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Huawei Fiber Technology Deployed by Peru’s WIN

In Peru, Peruvian operator WIN has partnered with Huawei to deploy the symmetrical XGSPON technology in Lima. The company plans to gradually expand this technology to other network nodes, and it is focused on developing equipment that supports this new technology. This partnership will improve fiber optics in residential homes and small businesses, achieving symmetrical speeds of up to 10Gbps. Currently, the network is based on GPON technology, allowing speeds of up to 1Gbps.

According to the latest data from regulator Osiptel, WIN achieved third place in the local market in 3Q23, with 436,093 users. Despite being behind Telefónica and Claro, WIN experienced the most growth in the number of users, with a 282% annual increase.

Víctor Jáuregui, commercial vice president of WIN expressed his company’s commitment to improving connectivity in Peru and emphasized the potential for this new technology to drive digital transformation in the market. He said that their focus is on developing equipment that supports this technology so they can massify it.

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