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Honeywell’s Chair Discusses the Transition of Industrial Business to the Digital Age

The CEO of Honeywell from June 2023 has emphasized the importance of a transparent and coherent digital strategy in overcoming the challenges faced by the company. The impact of Covid, inflation, and geopolitical risk has been significant, and developing a robust digital strategy was crucial to navigate these obstacles.

The article details the comprehensive transformation of Honeywell from a diversified industrial conglomerate into an integrated company. Internally, the focus was on enhancing productivity, transparency, and agility through centralized data for informed decision-making. Externally, the company aimed to leverage information from its systems to provide clients with added value, such as emissions tracking, energy conservation, and safety improvements.

To achieve these objectives, Honeywell first simplified and reorganized its infrastructure. This involved streamlining enterprise resource planning systems, websites, and applications. The company also established master data for various aspects of its operations. Subsequently, a strategy was devised to effectively utilize this data. The hands-on involvement of CEO Adamczyk in meetings and operating reviews signaled a personal commitment to the transformation and a steadfast dedication to the chosen path.

The article underscores the critical role that digital strategy plays in driving Honeywell’s transformation and success in the face of significant challenges.

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