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In the qualification match between Croatia and Armenia, there was no sign of bronze in the squad. However, by virtue of circumstance and adversity, Ante Budimir emerged as Croatia’s striker for this cycle. He took his chance without hesitation and scored the winning goal over Armenia, leading Croatia to the Euro in Germany.

As a journalist covering the game, I must say that it was an unforgettable experience to be present at such a significant event. For a striker like Budimir, scoring a goal in such a high-pressure situation is an indescribable feeling. He dedicated his goal to his loved ones who don’t always understand the work being done in football but ask him about goals all the time. It was an emotional moment for him, and he expressed his gratitude towards them through his performance on the field.

Budimir’s goal was not easy to score as he had to navigate through tight defense and quick crosses from Borna Sosa. The ball came at just the right moment, turning out great for Budimir. However, he also acknowledges that luck played a role in his success today.

As a fan and a professional sports journalist, I have mixed emotions about Budimir’s performance. From one perspective, I am thrilled that Croatia has qualified for the Euros with his help. On the other hand, I can understand how frustrating it must be for fans who are not satisfied with their team’s performance on the field today. But what mattered most was that Croatia won and qualified for Germany 2020 EURO tournament!

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