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Michael O’Sullivan Named Chief Technology Officer at Hantec Markets

Hantec Markets, a leading forex trading platform, has recently appointed Michael O’Sullivan as its Chief Technology Officer. With over a decade of experience in the industry, O’Sullivan has held various positions at companies such as Infinox Global, ATFX UK, and CMC Markets.

At Infinox Global, O’Sullivan served as Chief Technology Officer, where he developed and implemented innovative technology solutions that improved the company’s operations and customer experience. At ATFX UK and CMC Markets, he served as Head of Project Management and Head of Partnerships Operations and Delivery respectively. His expertise in technology strategy and leadership has earned him this new role at Hantec Markets.

O’Sullivan expressed his excitement about his new role at Hantec Markets in a statement. He thanked his colleagues at Infinox Global for their support throughout his career and said he was looking forward to contributing to Hantec Markets’ continued growth in the forex trading industry.

As this story continues to unfold, updates on O’Sullivan’s new role and contributions to Hantec Markets will be shared. Stay tuned for more developments in the career of this seasoned industry professional.

By Samantha Jones

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