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On Monday, a dramatic event occurred at a hospital in the Hamburg district of Heimfeld. According to reports, a Bulgarian woman (18) approached the mother and child during a pediatric examination and stole the baby, running away from the clinic. The girl who played the doctor had told the woman that she had dropped something at the information desk and would take care of the baby.

However, it was only a few moments later that the woman realized there was no baby. It is unclear whether the mother and 18-year-old know each other, as two groups of large families gathered in front of the hospital, numbering around 40 people. The situation quickly escalated, with people accusing each other of kidnapping, prompting police intervention to calm things down.

Just under two hours later, the woman returned with the baby and handed it over to hospital staff. She was taken into custody and is currently being investigated on suspicion of kidnapping. According to Bild, it is believed that she recently experienced a miscarriage.

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