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Patrick Holford is a renowned figure in the fields of nutrition and mental health. As the author of numerous books and the founder and CEO of the UK charity Food for the Brain, he is passionate about spreading awareness about the importance of nutrition for brain health. For decades, Holford has been researching the impact of diet on intelligence, emphasizing a high-fat, essential vitamin and mineral-rich diet as the key to optimal brain function.

In recent years, Holford has become increasingly concerned about the decline in IQ scores and rising rates of mental health problems such as depression, autism, ADHD, and dementia. He believes that these issues are largely due to diets high in complex carbs and sugar, which can negatively impact cognitive function. As such, his charity Food for the Brain is using at-home blood spot tests and digital cognitive health questionnaires to analyze the nutrition and cognition status of thousands of participants.

Through this research, Food for the Brain aims to provide participants with personalized nutrition advice and build a substantial databank to support its mission. The charity hopes that by bringing attention to these issues and promoting healthy eating habits, it can help bring about a shift in perceptions around mental and cognitive health on a global scale. To learn more about Patrick Holford’s work with Food for the Brain, listen to our podcast with Nikki Hancocks from NutraIngredients Europe.

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